Sunday, April 25, 2010

Himalayan Photos

Monkeys run around like squirrels. I noticed this one walking out of the room next door to ours in the guest house we were staying at.

Looking up at the farm from the mango orchard. Devinder built a system of terrace gardens. This is where his rat problem comes into play.

There is a glacial spring that comes down from the mountains. In the foothills, they are lucky to not have a water issue like elsewhere in India (or even higher up in McLeod). The villagers in Bondi Chowk divided the river into smaller streams, allowing farmers like Devinder to create an irrigation dike system on their farms.


  1. Beautiful photos. Are the monkeys as annoying as squirrel's?

  2. I just read your entire blog now that I have a new used computer that isn't from the 1900's - What an adventure you guys are on - thanks for sharing it with everyone.

    You know rats got a bad rep for spreading disease unlike their bushy tailed relatives the squirrels. Does that come into play there?

    Your pictures make you look more and more like other Indians who work hard and eat little (lean bodies). Do you feel like you have access to good nutrition? Do you eat less processed stuff? Do you notice a change in energy level? I found I felt more energized not eating meat.

    Your experience in another country and culture brings so many questions to mind. I certainly don't expect answers though.

    Do the monkeys seem intelligent? Do they throw their poop or pee on people?

    The Taj Mahal looked AWESOME!!!! What it must be like to view one of the seven wonders of the world. Sigh.

    Wendy in Nfld.

  3. Hello there friends , interesting to know about your experiences in Devbala. Though it seems a little strange to hear that you were bored on the farm because if you are really attached to the earth any work related to preserving and taking care of earth gives you pleasure. So the word bore sounds ridiculous!!

  4. A poor farmer who is working hard and providing you all the facilities so you won't have to go to the town just for the internet . Providing you organic food to eat and organic dairy products to eat as much as you want . The family would eat after the guests or wwofers are fed properly and the family won't restrict you from using or sharing anything with you guys .And if someone is working and sharing his/her time so much and sharing their skills with you guys , then let me tell you guys .... Three hundred rupees per day is nothing. You should feel lucky to spend all that time with devbala instead of writing sarcastic words. But........anyways place yourself in Devbala's host's shoes for one day and then you will know what it is like to welcome people from heart and what the art of sharing is like! All the best guys , There are some things in life and money falls too tiny and worthless in front of them