Monday, March 29, 2010

A west Indian hodgepodge

They call a hodgepodge a "thali" here.

We're in a Jo-Ann Fabrics the size of a town in western India (also known as Bhuj). Mom, you would love it here. Except at this Jo-Ann's they also retail ice cream and tobacco products and if you look at any one thing too long the attendants swoop down and engage you in bargaining over something you probably don't even want. But more about this place later.

More pictures of Hampi, 'cause it's really a sexy place.

The big temple. It's old but serviceable when it comes to worship and holding elephants.

A temple elephant getting painted. It'll "bless" you (bop you on the head with its trunk) if you give it a coin. Paige got blessed. Her neck is uninjured.

I think Paige mentioned that we were going to the Ajanta caves. Well, we did. There's actually two sets of caves about 3 hours apart. The city (read, staging area) in between is called Aurangabad and it sucks in a soviet bloc sort of way. Wide, dusty, hot streets with no evidence of people around--except for their trash.

The caves are much nicer. They're mislabeled though--they're giant temples carved into a mountain which is that much more impressive. On the way to the Ellora caves (the ones to the left of Aurangabad), we saw a water park in the middle of the desert...

I lack the camera equipment to really capture how crazy this place is.

Sir Mix-A-Lot and Indians circa 800AD had similar taste in women.

Go blue!


  1. I hope all of these wonderful places and photos make up for all of the crappy places and people you must encounter. The photos are beautiful. But I am wondering if Paige is feigning fear in the mouth of the dolphin or if she is shouting it down.

  2. You got me pegged! I'll take a Jo-Ann's with ice-cream any day! Paige & I will have to make another skirt like the one she has on, so I'd be buyin even without pushy salesfolk!

    Along with a water park AND UM vehicles - OK, I'm there!

    Love to you both - it's GREAT sharing your journey from afar! mum